Venison Philly Cheese Sandwich

Venison Philly Cheese Sandwich

Wild Game Philly Cheese 

Smoke or bake a well seasoned whole muscle from the hind leg, sirloin or round are perfect. 

Allow to rest for over an hour. You can easily make this sandwich for days after smoking your chunk of meat. 

Heat a pan with some butter and toss in thinly sliced onion. Cook then down until soft and start to caramelize. 

Thinly slice the cooked meat and some green pepper. 

Toss the meat and green pepper into the hot pan with the onions and hit it with some fresh cracked pepper. 

Sear everything until it's nice and hot, no need to overcook anything at this point, it's nice if the peppers still have a touch of a crunch. 

Load on to a beautiful roll and smother in jalapeño cheddar sauce. 


Cheese sauce:

Add a few spoonfuls of butter to a pan on medium-low heat and let it melt. 

Once melted, add a few spoonfuls of flour and mix around to form a paste. 

Cook down for a couple of minutes and slowly pour in some milk while you whisk the mixture like crazy. It's important to keep whisking out the lumps. As things become more liquid in the pan, stop adding in milk and turn up the heat while continuing to whisk. 

At this point you can add in a cup of shredded cheddar cheese or any other cheese that you love. 

Keep whisking until the cheese is melted and the sauce thickens. 

Add salt and pepper to taste. 

Finally, stir in a handful of fine diced jalapeño and let sit for a couple of minutes off of the heat.


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